welcome home

Welcome Home is an interactive project that invites to build a new home, a shelter or a simple haven, that forms a new piece in Bowman's ongoing project W.E.T. On the surface of a seascape several objects, pieces of wood, building materials as well as everyday objects, float and drift alone. Anybody can use these objects moving and assembling them into a floating cohesive domestic space to be shared then with anyone else. The project by Margot Bowman and Lior Ben Gai can be understood as a metaphore about the present political and economical condition. In the middle of the sea – Europe's natural borders – several objects from the past are drifting. Our task is to abandon the usual and short-sighted point of view that would lead us to consider them as single, heterogeneous objects that cannot fit and stick together. The artists invite us to accept and embrace the complexity of the life condition in the contemporary world and to transform it in a strength point. From this starting point we create a communal place that is a safe, if somewhat chaotic, shelter.